Treatment Costs: Friday 14 June 2024

First Consultation visit is free.
A charge may be incurred if an Xray or further referral required.

The treatment cost depends on the individual treatment proposed at consultation visit.

The following is an approximate guide:

Removable braces: 850 - 1,200 euro.

Single Arch Fixed appliance:
From 3,900.00 euro.

Adult Upper and Lower Fixed Appliance:
From 4,900 euro.

Child Upper and Lower Fixed Appliance:
From 4,900 euro.

These costs cover all active treatment and retention supervision for up to a year following removal of appliance.
Tax relief at the standard rate of 20% is available from Revenue on Orthodontic treatment.
An Easy Payment Plan is available for payment over 18 months.

Tax Relief:

Taxpayers can obtain tax relief for orthodontic treatment of family members.
To claim this relief, a taxpayer files a Med 2 Form along with his or her regular tax return.

Download the Med 2 Form here: (also available at our clinic's reception desk)

For more information on your Med 2 claim, follow this link:

For any tax-related questions, please contact your local Revenue office.


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